Compliance Aviation, Inc.

-Corporate Entity of-

Blue Skies Aviation & E.M.A.P.A

Over 14 Years of General Aviation Maintenance, Inspections, Installations and Sales

Office:  512-392-7035

AOG: 512-905-9449

Corporate Address:

1982 Airport Dr.   

San Marcos, TX 78666  

San Marcos Regional Airport (KHYI)

Blue Skies Aviation & E.M.A.P.A address

1815 Airport Dr.

San Marcos, TX 78666

San Marcos Regional Airport (KHYI)

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We have a new main office, we ask ALL customers and visitors to please check in at the main office first. Nobody is permitted in the maintenance hangar without first checking in at our main office, this includes customers with aircraft being inspected or repaired. Our main office is close to Berry Aviation's FBO.

Main Office Address:

1815 Airport Dr.

San Marcos, TX 78666

San Marcos Regional Airport (KHYI)

Main Office: 512-392-7035   

Blue Skies Aviation performs aircraft maintenance, aircraft inspections, service and Custom Aircraft Interiors. Our quality and attention to detail is what we are known for.

We also offer on site:

Aircraft Weighing, Dynamic Propeller Balancing, Air Conditioner Servicing and IFR Re-Certifications* in accordance with F.A.R. 91.411 and 91.413. 

   With a collective experience of over 45 years we are able to meet all aircraft maintenance and aircraft inspections needs. We are prompt, efficient and will work to keep your aircraft in a safe and airworthy condition. We keep a clean shop and stock a lot of general hardware and parts that make inspections move along productively.

   We are the #1 aircraft maintenance facility in central Texas and the only shop at KHYI authorized to work on Civil Air Patrol Aircraft. We have been the fastest growing aircraft inspection shop in San Marcos. Shaune Maycock is the CEO and has A.S. degrees in Airframe and Power Plant Technologies from the prestigious Hallmark Institute of Aeronautics. Shaune graduated at the top of his class, enabling him to go above and beyond the education of most other A&P's, making a huge difference when it comes to quality and performing aircraft maintenance. Repairs will be done right on your aircraft the first time.

   Everyone in aviation knows that having a proper aircraft inspection done on your aircraft will save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary aircraft maintenance. Having your propeller dynamically balanced to your engine will not only increase the comfort of flight for you and your passengers, but it will increase the life of your engine, airframe and avionics along with reducing cabin noise and vibrations.

If you are based in the central Texas area and own:

  • Aerostar 601/P, 602/P, Superstar 700 (We Are Members of the AOA)
  • Cessna 150, 152, 172, 177, 182, 206, 208, 210, 310, 340, 414, 421, 441
  • Cirrus SR20, SR22
  • Diamond DA-20-C1, DA-40-CS DA40-180
  • Gruman Tiger or Cheetah
  • Mooney M20(all), 21, 231, 252, Acclaim, Ovation (all) (Members of MAPA)
  • Piper Arrow, Archer, Cherokee, Comanche, Lance, Six, Malibu, Saratoga
  • Tomahawk, Warrior, Seneca
  • Beech: Bonanza, Musketeer, Skipper, Sundowner
  • King Air (all 90 series), Queen Air.
  • Bellanca's

... then we are only a short flight away and the best place to bring your aircraft. We offer free battery testing and Nitrogen servicing during business hours!

*IFR/VFR recirtifiactions are performed by Mckee Avionics.

(Engine Monitors and Performance Accessories)

Is a subsidiary company of Compliance Aviation, Inc. It was started to compete against some of the other and much larger aircraft accessory companies that do not have the knowledge of what they are selling, and cannot answer most technical questions. A majority of the products sold on E.M.A.P.A are products that have been proven to us to be reliable, good quality and products that we have either used or installed.Sometimes we cannot advertise a lower price than our competition, but if we can we will always try to be priced lower than our competition. So before you shop elsewhere, check out E.M.A.P.A, it is also Veteran owned.