Compliance Aviation, Inc. is the corporate entity of Blue Skies Aviation. Blue Skies Aviation is an Aircraft Maintenance, Inspection, Service and Repair facility. It specialized in Annual, Pre-Purchase, 100 Hour and Phase Inspections, Routine Maintenance, Non-Routine Maintenance, Structural Repairs, Engine Monitor Installations and Custom Interiors (Full and Partial). Blue Skies Aviation was started without any loans, from the floor up. Now it boasts two hangars and has grown to offer many services for General Aviation Aircraft. Blue Skies Aviation was started so that aircraft owners like you could get quality service for their aircraft at a fair hourly rate.

Blue Skies Aviation understands that your aircraft, no matter how large or small, is a luxury item and we treat it like it is our very own. We know that you can find an aircraft mechanic that will charge less per hour, but those mechanics are not insured and are often doing business at airports without the consent of the airport sponsor.


Why is this important for you to know?


Because when an A&P Technician has a legitimate shop on an airport you know that he is doing his part to help keep the airport operating by paying their taxes and fees for operating a business at the airport. You also know that your investment is protected because airports require businesses to have insurance. These two items alone promote  safety and ensure that small airports will stay open so that you may enjoy them.


This insurance covers your aircraft while in the hangar and during the time maintenance is being performed and even covers the work that was performed on your aircraft after you leave the facility. By using technicians who are legitimate businesses on an airport you're actually improving and promoting aviation and safe maintenance. Technicians who do not carry insurance increase the cost of aircraft ownership by increasing future maintenance costs for you and legitimate maintenance facilities.


How does this increase the cost of future maintenance?


Technicians who do not carry insurance do not care about protecting their customers investment. The quality of work they perform on aircraft declines since they have no real sense of responsibility and accountability for their actions. With less accountability comes less quality maintenance, less quality in maintenance causes more failures and more failures causes accidents and accidents cause more insurance claims. The more insurance claims by aircraft owners causes higher rates for maintenance facilities and aircraft owners like you.


Technicians that carry insurance usually have a higher quality and standard of work because they know that their mistakes will cause their insurance to increase. Most importantly, if something happens during maintenance (i.e. plane falling off jacks) and even after the maintenance has been performed then who is going to pay for the mistake? If the technician has insurance then you are covered. If the technician does not carry insurance then you will be footing the bill, and will probably want to reclaim your losses. The only option you will then have is to take that technician to court. You may win, but collecting the money is another story. This is why you should consider using an insured maintenance facility to do inspections and maintenance on your aircraft.


We are insured and have 11,600 Sq. Ft. of hangar space. We work on everything from Beech King Air to Piper Cubs. Let us service, inspect, repair or quickly sell your aircraft.


Superior Service Means Safe Landings