E.M.A.P.A is an acronym for Engine Monitors and Performance Accessories. E.M.A.P.A. was started because of the very poor discounts that where extended to our other company, Blue Skies Aviation by a very large and well known competitor. 

Unlike our competition, E.M.A.P.A. is able to answer most questions about the majority of the products we sell and in a lot of cases we can also offer installation advise. This is because we have either installed or used the majority of the products sold on www.emapa.aero, making us knowledgeable about these products. Our competition has gotten so big that they are not able to do this. We make sure our prices are usually less than our competition. Unless our vendors have a minimum advertised price, ours prices will be less. 

Get the resources that you need at the best prices possible at our online store EMAPA, Aircraft Engine Monitors and Performance Accessories www.Emapa.aero

Electronics International
Electronics International Avionics and Instruments
Ram Aviation Mounts
Angle of Attack Instruments with Emapa
LoPresti Aviation with Emapa
Aircraft Micro AeroDynamics Vortex Generators
Vortex Generators
Medeco Aircraft Locks
Airgizmo Panel Docks and Mounts
Airgizmo Panel Docks and Mounts
Aero LEDs
Custom Aircraft Covers
David Clark Headsets with Emapa
Gami Fuel Injectors
Gami Fuel Injectors Efficient Fuel Usage
Tanis Pre Heat
ElectroAir Electronic Ignition Systems
ElectroAir Electronic Ignition Systems
iCloths Avionics Wipes