Having an in house I.A. with airline and aircraft manufacturing experience makes major repairs, alterations, and STC's move along with little delays.

-10 Years in General Aviation-

We do not "pencil whip" inspections or cut corners on maintenance. Your safety and safety of flight should be your main concern when it comes to maintenance on your aircraft. While it makes no sense to "skimp" on inspections we understand that flying is getting more expensive so we have incorporated  fixed priced inspection fees for our inspections.

We are one of the only facilities in central Texas that has state of the art equipment to Dynamically Balance your propeller to your engine. We are certified under FAA Course No. AGL/0108/0004/8 to do Dynamic Propeller Balancing. "We Guarantee you will see a difference when we balance your propeller to your engine, or we will refund you for the Balancing of your propeller." 

Who else in aviation gives you a guarantee?