We are licensed and certified for Aircraft AC Servicing, Recharging and Recovery. Our equipment meets the requirements for EPA Section 608/609 of the Clean Air Act Amendment of 1990. We  also have state of the art leak detection equipment to identify any leaks in your system if they exist.

We can leak check and service your aircraft AC with R-12 and R134a refrigerant. Our Aircraft AC service includes leak checking with a heated Air Condition Leak Detection Probe. Price of servicing includes refrigerant.


AC Service R134(a).......................$275.00.........R12 $375.00

AC leak check only R134(a).........$175.00.........R12 $275.00

AC Quick Turn Service R134(a)...$125.00........R12 $225.00 

(Quick Turn service only adds refrigerant to your compressor and  includes up to two cans of refrigerant, no leak check.)

Aircraft AC Servicing, Recovery & Recycling
At Blue Skies Aviation we only use the best equipment for recovering, recycling and servicing your aircraft's air conditioning system, ensuring that your Aircraft AC is long lasting, trouble free and cool running. It's important to make sure that your air conditioning system has the correct type and amount of refrigerant and oil. Having the incorrect amount of refrigerant in your Aircraft AC system will cause damage to your air conditioner and your Aircraft AC will not properly cool. A lot of the Aircraft AC problems that come into Blue Skies Aviation are due to improperly serviced air conditioners
Leaking Aircraft AC?

Don't waste your money on any unnecessary or repeated services for a leaking air condition system. We have state of the art leak detection equipment that can pin point most leaks in your Aircraft AC System, not only saving you hundreds of dollars in labor, but preventing you from throwing money at a leak by replacing lines and hoses that are not even leaking. You know what we mean if you have ever had to spend money overhauling a compressor just to find out you still have a leak after having spent $2,000 on a compressor overhaul..