Mooney Experienced

Our inspector had worked prevously at the Mooney factory in Kerrville, Texas. When it comes to Mooney's it pays to have an experienced and knowledge mechanic work on your Mooney.


You need someone who has the right tools and equipment to be able to inspect certain items that are on Mooney Aircraft. We have to proper tools to perform gear pre-load checks, control surface rigging and we even have to tools to replace the shock pucks if need be. You no longer have to wonder if the mechanic you have chosen to work on your Mooney is qualified.


See our fixed inspection rates for the price of an annual on your aircraft. We use an inspection check list from Mooney. Other shops only use FAR Part 43(d) to inspect your aircraft. Mooney airplanes are a unique aircraft and any inspection performed under FAR Part 43(d) on your Mooney will not cover many things specific to Mooney Aircraft.


Don't waste your money taking your aircraft to a Mooney Service Center or a Repair Station. Unless your aircraft is under warranty then all you are going to get at a Mooney Service Center is a larger bill. Repair Stations sound like a good place to go, but did you know that Repair Stations do not have to (and most don't) hire licensed A&P mechanics? A lot of repair stations are also owned or ran by individuals who do not have both an Airframe AND a Power Plant rating.


So if you want quality service by professionals who have knowledge and experience on Mooney Aircraft then Blue Skies Aviation is where you need to go. Our A&P's don't just have an A&P license, they are college educated and have degrees in Aviation Maintenance. Blue Skies Aviation is also a member of MAPA.  Save $100 off of your next annual and get a FREE Dynamic Propeller Balance at annual if you are also a member of MAPA.