If you have ever wanted to fly the Ferrari of the skies then the Aerostar is what you would fly. With 10 years of experience with Aerostar aircraft, you can be rest assured when you come to us.
At Blue Skies Aviation we maintain a small fleet of Aerostars for many customers. We mostly maintain and inspect 600, 601P, 602P, 700's including Super Stars. We will also work on Super Star II's.
It is really important that maintenance be performed properly on any aircraft, but there is very litle room for error on an Aerostar. We have found that the better maintained an Aerostar is, the less an annual will cost. This is true for all aircraft but more so for an Aerostar. We have worked on a lot of Aerostars that were maintained elsewhere and seen many strange things (i.e. wrenches left in landing gear, two inches of hydraulic fluid under the cabin deck plates, Turbo Charger gaskets that have not been replaced in several years and so on). Those airplanes all came from shops who claimed to be knowledgable about Aerostars.
In most cases an airframe is an airframe and a powerplant is a powerplant, but the Aerostar is where this approach to aviation maintenance comes to a stop. If your mechanic/I.A. is not familiar with Aerostars then take your Aerostar somewhere else.
Here are just a few things that must be done at every annual on an Aerostar that we see time after time not being complied with:
1. Removing the exhaust. Why? To inspect for knife edging of the sleeves, It's the only way to properly inspect the turbo chargers and to inspect and clean the coking off of the wastegates.
2. Removing the cabin floor deck plates. Why? Only removing the small inspection panels does not show you what you need to see during an inspection. The pressure vessel fittings need inspection as do the wire bundles, fuel lines and etc.
3.  Cleaning the fuel filters, believe it or not this is not getting done! Maybe it is because they are hard to get to or the inspector just does not know where they are located. Regardless this is not getting done at annual and it really needs to be!
These are only a few items that we have seen that do not get accomplished during an inspection. We are very thorough on all of our inspections on all aircrafts. When it comes to Aerostars the difference is we are the only maintenance and inspection facility in Texas that knows how to properly maintain and inspect an Aerostar.
We are also able to comply with AD: 2004-21-05, Combustion Heater (Cabin Heater) pressure decay test. We have a fixed rate for the decay test, visit our page, Combustion Heater Decay Test, to learn about our pricing for this inspection.