Save money on your Annual Inspections and legally perform preventive maintenance on your aircraft.


Reduce the cost of Annuals on your aircraft and learn how to perform the preventive maintenance items youíre allowed to do according to FAR Part 43 appendix C


Under FAR 43.13 (a) mechanics, repairmen and pilots are all held to the same standards when performing maintenance. The owner/operator will need to follow the same guidelines as mechanics and repairmen as explained in FAR 65.83. This allows the owner/pilot to perform preventative maintenance tasks as long as they have been supervised by a licensed A&P at least once.


We provide all the tools needed to perform preventative maintenance, open inspection panels, remove cowlings, remove interior and gain access to landing gear to allow for an annual/100hr inspection to be performed. You will be supervised by a licensed A&P while performing these tasks and will receive a maintenance logbook showing all the work you have performed under supervision. As you perform those tasks one of our licensed A&Pís will sign you off in your log book and you will  receive a certificate showing your achievement. This will legally allow you, the owner/pilot to perform these same tasks with confidence, without future supervision and without paying the $75.00-$90.00 per hour shop rates.


We offer this service to owner/operators who want to reduce maintenance costs and learn more about their aircraft. This class is FREE to owners/operators who have their next annual inspection done with us. Please contact us for the requirements of this class.

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