Periodically, aircraft need to be weighed to correct their calculated weight and balance to correspond with the actual weight and balance determined by actually weighing the aircraft.  Blue Skies Aviation can provide this service on single engine to light twin engine, general aviation aircraft.  We have scales that the airplane sits on with capacities that can handle a total weight of 9000 lbs.  The service usually takes about 2 hours, depending on fuel in the airplane.  The airplane can be weighed with the fuel full, and then remove it mathematically, or for a more accurate weight, the fuel can be drained.  Depending on the aircraft, this process can take a few hours. We are willing to travel for a small fee.
- Experimental Aircraft Welcome! -

Set Pricing:
New Weight & Balance: $325
W & B on Tail Dragger:  $375
Travel up to 50 miles:     $50
Travel 51 to 75 miles:     $75 
Travel 76 to 100 miles:   $125